Framed Prints of Vintage Posters

Phat Artz presents some characterful and attractive early advertising posters via Fine Art America. You can peruse the current range of posters here and choose to view any of these as framed poster prints with many styles of frame and mount.

All Fine Art America prints are produced to the highest quality and there is a wide range of size options to suit any room in your home or office.

This excellent example(below)  of Arrow Collars and Cluett Shirts double page advert from early 1900’s is shown with SM2 style frame, and a 3.5 inch Sand colored mounting mat. The image is 61cm x 37cm (approx 24 1/4 in by 14 3/4 in):

Many other posters ad framed prints available from Phat Artz at Fine Art America here.

Many other artists also produce poster framed prints for sale via FAA.

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